“Home is where. . .?”

At this very moment we have unopened boxes screaming at us to be unpacked and organized. Furniture pesters us, telling us it needs arranging. Again, we see that we have too many clothes and some need to be donated.

A Message from the Sidewalk

I recently “stumbled” upon copper plaques embedded in the cobblestones in front of a home in the city where I reside. Three metal plates, engraved in Dutch, bore the names of individuals who lived in this house prior to their arrest by the Nazis.

Disagreeing with God

“I disagree!”

Strong words, often spoken heatedly.

“You’re wrong!” implies “and I’m right!” (And you’re an idiot! often is the accompanying thought.)

It’s one thing to argue about politics (a blood sport these days). It’s another to wrangle about theology. But what if our disagreement is with the Almighty Himself?

Tashlikh. Casting away.

“Fall is about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Anonymous

A Paradigm Shift

For most of my 50 years of pastoral ministry, how could I have missed this?

What Lurks in the Darkness?

The grassy field glistened from overnight dew as I set out on my morning run. By 7:00 the rising sun began lifting the moisture from each blade. I followed the path as it circled the field. At one moment the sun shone directly onto the perfectly lit field.
I was stunned by the beauty before me.
Only now, because of the angle of the sun’s rays, was I able to see exactly what “lurked” in the weeds…

A Cup of Conviction

A Swiss author wrote, “Jealousy is the fear of comparison.”

One day as I was serving alone, my patience wore thin. Each time I passed the shaded area where guests sat, talked, or read I spied Simon – drinking another cup of coffee…

The Insanity of Anti-Semitism

What if today’s anti-Semites were as consistent as Hitler in not benefiting from Jewish contributions to the world?

Seasons of Change

My mind raced. Where did the last 15 years ago?
I sensed the sands of time slipping through my fingers too quickly to control.
Why do we fear new seasons?
Sunday night?

The Real Matrix

“Blue pill or red pill?”
A choice must be made: reality, or comfort? Stay hidden in darkness, or enter the light?
Allow your perceptions to be controlled by outside forces, or start thinking for yourself?